The Art of Norman Blackwell
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About the artist.......
     I started painting when I was very young, and have worked in many different styles and mediums over the ensuing years. Each new challenge has convinced me that "art" is an ongoing, ever changing adventure, and change and growth are essential if an artist wishes to create paintings that will stand the test of time.
     I received my Art education at Savannah High School, The University of Georgia, UCLA and The University of Cincinnati. When I was 14, I took my first private art lessons from Emil Holzauer at The Telfair Academy of Art and I also studied under Christopher Murphy and his sister Margaret, renown art instructors in my hometown, Savannah, Georgia. Over the years, other instructors have included Lamar Dodd, Vincent Dieball, Buckminster Fuller, George Eames and Charles Nelson. 
     The rewards for my efforts have been gratifying in every sense of the word. I have won countless prizes and my work is shown in many Art Galleries around the world. Other paintings and portraits hang in National Galleries and many are included in the private collections of celebrities  socialites, sports figures, statesmen and several Royal Families.
     After graduation from college, I joined the U. S. Navy and received pilot training at NAS Pensacola, Class 42-56. When I was discharged from the Navy, I went to work as a buyer for Macy's, New York at their Atlanta location; however, nearly all of my professional career was spent in Cincinnati, Ohio where I was employed by Procter & Gamble in the Advertising Department.
     After I "retired", I returned to Savannah and joined the original staff at SCAD (Savannah's world famous Art University), becoming the first Gallery Director of that great institution. 
Norman Blackwell